How to Apply

Are you a burn survivor, family member of someone in Baptist Hospital Burn Center or the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, a fire department, or a burn-focused nonprofit organization? You are encouraged to apply for funding for burn and fire education programs, fire prevention programming, or therapeutic support in the recovery from burn injuries (conferences, workshops, programming, etc.). Priority will be given to Pitt County, Edgecombe County, Nash County, and other Eastern NC counties.

Note: Applications for World Burn Congress grants are due July 28 each year, and will be considered as a batch after that date.

Application process:

1. Please read the Grantmaking Guidelines of North Carolina Community Foundation.

2. Sponsor Organization: Unless you are already a 501(c)3 or government organization, please find a 501(c)3 nonprofit sponsor organization (e.g. most civic organizations, your church/temple, fire department) to sponsor you, to receive the grant, and transfer the funds to you. We can assist you in finding a sponsor if you cannot find one from your own contacts. Please email us for more information.

3. Have your sponsor organization write and sign a brief email of recommendation and willingness to receive and distribute funds on your behalf to

4. Complete the online application. If you need a printable form, please email us.

5. We will contact you to clarify or obtain any information and will generally respond within two weeks. World Burn Congress grants will be reviewed as a batch on July 28th. For all other grants, we will consider them on a rolling basis. Note that NCCF reviews grants on a bi-weekly schedule. We will do our best to distribute grant to your sponsor as soon as possible. Your grant can be picked up at your sponsor’s location.

6. If you are receiving a World Burn Congress grant, we will call you to discuss travel plans and to assist you in the booking process.

7. Please send us an email (or better yet a letter!) when you have used your grant to let us know how you used the funds. We hope that it helps you in some meaningful way.

Please email us if you have any questions: