Peer Support

Blake really believes in peer support and has been a SOAR® certified Peer Supporter through the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors for 8 years. Peer support was crucial in his recovery, helping him know that a full life of choices, possibilities, empowerment, friendships, jobs, and fun existed beyond hospitalization and social isolation. With a peer supporter who has been trained to listen to your story and share their own story in a way that’s compassionate and tailored to your readiness, psychosocial recovery can be much quicker and  can give you a renewed sense of hope.

If you are a North Carolina resident and need to find a peer supporter, please visit NC Jaycee Burn Center’s Aftercare Peer Support page. If you are living outside of North Carolina, the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors has excellent resources for peer support.

Blake is available for peer support in person (at UNC Hospitals) or by phone, Skype, email, or letter. Please go through the Burn Center’s peer support page first.

We are wishing you wholeness, resolve, and courage in your journey.