Support BTBurn

Would you like to give to support those struggling with the isolation, stigma, and pain of burn injuries? Would you like to support North Carolina fire departments put on their iconic fire safety programs (Think: Stop, Drop, and Roll)? Wouldn’t it be nice if the support for burn survivors extended long after the left the hospitals?

You can help by giving to the Blake Tedder Burn Endowment. Thank you for your support!

1. Give online through NCCF’s website. Choose “Option 2″ and type Blake Tedder Burn Endowment” in the field.

2. Donate by Mail. Fill out this form. Check “I would like to donate to a specific fund” and the “Other NCCF Fund” and then list “Blake Tedder Burn Endowment”.

Send in the form with your check to:
North Carolina Community Foundation
4601 Six Forks Road, Suite 524
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609