World Burn Congress

from the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ World Burn Congress is a life-changing event. In a different big city every year, the conference brings together hundreds of burn survivors, medical practitioners, nonprofit organizations for five days at the center of the “burn world.” Being around so many inspiring and often heart-breaking stories, listening to uplifting keynote speakers, finding support for almost every nuance of the burn experience in the breakout sessions, and just being in the buzz of it all when isolated burn survivors come together and feel accepted and empowered is an experience will stay with you. If you are a burn survivor from North Carolina needing financial support and are ready to meet people from all over the world who have been through fire, please apply. We cannot accept all applications.

The Blake Tedder Burn Endowment would love to help send you to your first World Burn. We can help cover your hotel, flights, and/or conference registration. The 2016 World Burn Congress will take place October 19-22 in Providence, RI. Read more about it here.

Applications due July 28 every year. All applications will be reviewed together. Apply Here